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Hi! I am a licensed clinical mental health counselor in Vermont, in private practice. I have long wanted to provide psilocybin assisted therapy, but it's not legal here. Is there anyone who can help me find a way to get it approved? I know that ketamine therapy is happening in Vermont, so it should be possible. Psilocybin is so much gentler, and safer than ketamine! If someone can help fund it, I would be happy to devote a year (or more) of full time work to getting this off the ground, and getting legal rights here in Vermont. We have such a huge suffering population and I really believe this could be life saving. I would start by studying what they have done in Oregon, and networking to gain useful information. Then I would find out where to present that work to the Vermont state government. I would also create a petition, signed by Vermonters, and present that to the state government. Hello... anybody out there who can help create this? Just email me at willownyc@gmail.com

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