Really enjoyed this. Psilocybin had a very similar impact for me and opened the pathway for me to quit drinking. I hadn't heard of ibogaine before this.

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It’s a great plant... but oh, btw, it may kill you. Whaaat?! No explanation of the deaths associated with ibogaine? Coulda been a very valuable article... sigh.

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Thomas Kingsley Brown spoke:

Ibogaine is even more stigmatized than most other psychedelics; it's been associated with deaths at pop-up treatment sites, so it's gotten a reputation for being risky.

Reply: I have been following Iboga for many years. It is good to hear that the preliminary accounts I read long ago are still in principal valid. The Bwiti have used it safely for a very long time. I have read that it allows the participant to visit the ancestors.

TKB spoke: deaths at pop-up treatment sites

Is it really certain that it Iboga was the cause of death? Or was there contaminates or other additives that may have caused death?

Why is the precautionary principal so robustly applied to Psychedelics and not for the myriad of chemicals loosed on the Earth every year? I realize that you cannot answer.

But begs the question why so careful with substances found in nature and used by humanity (in the original context of use), but not careful with all the toxins allowed in our food, water, earth and air. Why is there such fear by the powerful of these substances? Is it to give pharma time to make drugs and implement legislation to keep product expensive and to prevent use of the plant substance directly? These are just a few questions that have been rattling around in my mind for several decades. I hope someone that follows this post will supply their view as an answer or a deeper dive into these questions.

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