Since marijuana is mentioned, I think this is a good moment to consider that, yes, I now think of it as fully a psychedelic too. If nothing else, the sheer potency of modern weed suggests it being classified alongside the classic compounds.

You may not wish to expand the scope of The Microdose to address it also -- I fully get that as a reluctance. But you might be interested, in passing, in this report of some research:


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I agree with what Bjorn Fritzsche said about psilocybin mushrooms: "The harm potential is even lower than cannabis"...

Although I have seen people have seriously "bad" trips after taking psilocybin mushrooms, I also have seen people have very negative experiences after using marijuana, including one screaming and howling person who was placed in restraints by an ambulance crew and rushed to a hospital after she smoked 4 puffs of rather weak marijuana. I have frequently used marijuana for more than 50 years, and I have on several occasions had VERY horrible long-lasting nightmare panic reactions.

(Over the course of the last half of a century of close observation, I have never seen anyone have any mental health issues after they took a very, very low dose of LSD.)

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I heard Alan Rockefeller mention recently in a talk that psilocybe mushrooms can contain beta carboline alkaloids, the MAOI kind.

I’m not sure if I believe it but it would be a possible explanation for why there is so much variability in potency between individual mushrooms of the same species.

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I think this is a good idea, considering the benefits psilocybin has that science struggles to explain at this stage

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