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Pickard writes, "...and many people report that they had positive experiences in their youth with these substances".

True that. But we should probably be asking, why did we stop using these drugs? Why are so many of us looking back to our youth 50 years ago, because we have no current experience to reference?

I can only answer for myself. I stopped because LSD just started seeming like too strong a drug for my taste. However, I was using street drugs from unknown sources, in who knows what dose. So maybe that was the problem? Microdosing to the rescue?

Ha, those were the days when you'd buy a drug on the street from somebody you didn't know, made by somebody you knew absolutely nothing about, and you'd pop the drug right in your mouth without a care. Youthful stupidity may be the most powerful drug of all? :-)

And these days, perhaps I'm a bit more skeptical that any drug or technology etc can really change our mindsets in any permanent manner. I can't say I see such profound changes in those I knew who used LSD.

As best I can tell, Boomers didn't stop using LSD because of legal issues, as many or most of us probably still smoke weed. We stopped using LSD for some other reason, and it might be wise for emerging generations to try to understand why.

All that said, perhaps the past I recall has little to nothing to do with what is happening now?

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