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Jul 22, 2023·edited Jul 22, 2023

I guess that I am just an old school Huxleyian psychonaut. Commercializing of classical psychedelics will just push many people into the black market.

What is l needed is a source that is tested and meets standards in terms of lack of adulteration and known concentration. Then provide people with the information to make appropriate decisions about dosage and the context of usage. If an experience with a classical psychedelic can be available at a minimum cost (I.e. under $100.00) for a safe session then the balance between safety and cost will be met. People who choose to use classical psychedelics have a duty to be informed and to have a safe and affordable dosage available.

There is a ton of literature out there to assist, but making sure people have good information to make informed choices is essential, and people also need to know when their psychiatric condition - if they have one - is contraindicated:

Everyday folk need affordable access and reliable sources of information to make informed choices.

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