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While mimosa root bark contains DMT, it's important to note that the extraction and use of DMT may be subject to legal restrictions in many jurisdictions due to its classification as a controlled substance in various countries.

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It's interesting how taking just a tiny bit of certain drugs can make a big difference for some people. But not everyone's convinced. When we hear "negligible effects," it's like saying the results might not be as amazing as we thought. It's a reminder to stay curious but also cautious about these trends

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Hello, thanks for the great content about microdosing. I learned a lot from this podcast https://www.listennotes.com/fr/podcasts/exploring-your-mind-with-psychedelics-dmt-HFXgEAfiVGs/

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Statistic shows that the best way to consume dmt is via vaping. Learn more about dmt vaping, check out our website- https://drbrain-pharm.com/

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learn more about microdosing DMT by checking out this site - https://hallucinpharma.com/

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In my opinion it is difficult to microdose DMT as most often DMT is consumed using a vaporizer pen, and getting accurate/consistent dosage when using a vaporizer is challenging. To learn more about DMT check out our website - https://psychedelia.io

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i love this

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Thanks as always. Just joining (starting?) the conversation here...

On the microdosing study, it's fairly ludicrous for the authors to assert that small doses of LSD "appear to be safe" if administered "in an environment where participants would be closely monitored." The whole endeavor of microdosing, whether one believes its efficacy hinges on the placebo effect or not, entails going about one's normal daily life -- at work, at home, at school, etc., but certainly not in a lab, and extra-certainly not while being "closely monitored." If we're to get to the heart of the matter, more naturalistic/pragmatic research is called for.

And on the "stacking" point, it's important to note that cacao is a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI), and its ability to "boost" the effects of psilocybin/psilocin and other tryptamines is not mere heresay...it's scientific fact. Monoamine oxidase is a digestive enzyme in the body that breaks down tryptamines, most famously DMT in ayahuasca, though DMT is very similar to psilocybin. MAOIs inhibit these enzymes, thus slowing the degradation of the psychedelic compound.

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