Reader feedback.

I enjoy the wide range of topics The Microdose offers.

I would be interested in hearing about psychedelics been used to treat of at least modify criminal behavior such as psychopathy. Would a dose of a psychedelic allow a psychopath to feel empathy or a violent offender to feel compassion?

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Re: Your request for reader feedback

- What do you like about reading The Microdose?

Excellent and up to date reporting, wide range of topics and personalities.

Are there issues or people you think we should cover more (or less)? Why?

- Mescaline because it is generally ignored though it has unique makeup, activity, anti-depressant dopamine response as a safe replacement for pharma psych drugs, it's lack of inclusion in almost all studies, under-utilization, rarely discussed and promoted, legal Trichocerus propigation and trading, sadly ignored while it is the safest micro for a functional day while dosing.

Whom would you like to see interviewed for 5 Questions?

- Me. But What are the 5 questions?

- and Keeper Trout of "Trout's Notes" and the Cactus Conservation Institute

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